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Your Year Round Companion The MX-5

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After a 17-year-long romance with motorists the globe over, a number of might question why it's taken Mazda such a long time to propose an better still version of their awesome little MX-5. But they want...

It's true, just once you thought your relationship with all the world's best selling roadster seemed to be ticking along quite very well, there's another suitor for the horizon for your ailments. It's got all the attributes and foibles you possess used to in the past as you've driven around with your MX-5. Just now, featuring its retractable hard top which takes just 12 mere seconds to transform it for you to top up or major down motoring, it'll happily be your sweet heart all year round.

For your car that's had cult status the way it was launched back in 1989 there are surprisingly few changes over the years.

The motor car launched just in 2009 at the Geneva Continuous motor Show was only your third incarnation, hence giving credence for the phrase 'if it ain't broke don't fix it'. It's inside the Guinness Book of Records because the most successful open a pair of seater vehicle ever, together with over 750, 000 distributed. The idea then has worked nicely. 60: 55 weight distribution, north southwest engine placement, typical two seater design that has a long bonnet and short buttocks and its manually retractable tender top. But many of us get a bit idle with age, will not we? It was no hardship to increase or lower the gentle top, especially to the latest version launched a year ago, whenever you literally just threw it back and it also all fell into put.

But inside a major concession to this, rather frankly, laid back motorist, all you've got to do on this specific model is release your latch and press a new button. Easy as that. Mazda believe they will expand their global fan base of the MX-5 using this type of version, appealing to the who've never owned a strong MX-5 but find the idea of open top roadster interesting quite appealing, with the fall back of that added comfort a difficult top offers. Wherever it scores big time was in not needing to undertake valuable boot space, which can be at a premium from a car like the Mazda at any rate. That hard top drops into the space behind the two comfy seats, leaving behind the boot volume like the soft topper. Spatial economic climate or what?

The test car dished up enough fun during its spell as well as thought the weather appeared to be typically British we however managed a spell associated with top down running as the sun made a limited and quite frankly feeble make an attempt to cheer everyone up. When using the aircon not even on high setting with the side windows in place, the roadster showed what great fun car it can be to drive, it has the punchy six speed gearbox picking the ratios which includes a satisfying click, as well as the car displaying its inbuilt ability to corner easily and safely.

There's to choose three powertrains - a single. 8i as well as 2. 0i having five speed gearbox, or perhaps the 2. 0i Sport with six speed proverbial box. Selling prices start from ?18, 210 on the road, which represents a relatively plain and simple ?1, 200 premium over the soft top model. Just about every model has stylish alloys to provide it the premium appearance it deserves, plus every model has an ipod connector in the glovebox which is related to the steering wheel postioned audio controls. To help you to listen to your favourite tunes through a top drawer BOSE audio system while driving your most popular roadster. Top rated up or top along. Fantastic fun.

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